Staying Happy, Healthy, and Active as a Senior

Your golden years can be the best time of your life! One thing that can be tricky is keeping up with your nutritional needs. As we get older, we need more fruit, vegetables, protein, and calcium than ever before to feel great.

Fortunately, those of us who have retired from stressful careers have more time than ever before to focus on our personal health. One hobby that I picked up was taking cooking classes, where I could get better at making dishes that kept me happy and healthy. Working full time, I used to be the prime example of someone who rushed to make spaghetti and mac n’ cheese or order a pizza. Now that I have the time to focus on my health, I want to take what I have learned and educate others on how to stay youthful and take care of yourselves.

Cooking was just the first way I became healthier. I also picked up some new hobbies, started exercising more, and found ways of staying active in my community. Browse my website to learn more about my Los Angeles, CA life post retirement, and be sure to check out my favorite recipes!

My primary advice to seniors like me:

Don’t push it:

If you’re tired, take a nap. If you have difficulty mowing your lawn, call for help! I know that I have difficulty with my vision, and sometimes I am unable to make repairs around my house. To get help, I rely on home care in Los Angeles, CA where I can have someone help with some yard work and small repairs as needed. It’s also good to have a service on hand in case of an emergency- like a quick trip to the doctor for a twisted ankle.

Learn something:

Learn a new skill to keep you challenged and motivated in life. I picked up cooking and yoga. These are two ways to keep me healthy, and I feel productive after a day of each. For some people, it’s painting, swimming, or gardening that gives them a reason to get out of bed and fall asleep knowing they did something good that they enjoyed.

Get involved:

I got involved in the community by working with my local service dog training center. I fill in as a sitter for dog trainers around the state and keep them at my house when they are on vacation or travelling. I am not up for having a dog full time, but I love having one around once and a while. It also feels great to mix it up now and then and know that I am doing a good deed.




“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.”

– Alan Alda